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Tiny Circle Cutters for Polymer Clay Crafts (1MM-10.3MM)

Tiny Circle Cutters for Polymer Clay Crafts (1MM-10.3MM)

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Tiny circle cutters for polymer clay crafting, sizes start from 1MM to 10.3MM

8PC set will contain 1 of each size

40PC set will contain 5 of each size PLUS a plastic box for storage

Sizes include, 1MM, 1.2MM, 1.5MM, 2.3MM, 3.5MM, 5.8MM, 8.3MM, 10.3MM

Perfect for personalizing your crafts and putting a cute finishing touch

Perfect for any crafting needs imaginable

***Free domestic shipping for orders over $35***

***Please note that there may be a small size difference due to manual measurement***

***Colors may look different due to different screens and lighting***

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